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Dental Bonding Services In MiamiThe dentist often repairs decayed or broken teeth for their patients by adhering some special resin or plastic that bears the same color as the natural tooth enamel. This type of treatment procedure is termed as dental bonding. Much different from fitting artificial dentures, which need to be created out of veneer in a laboratory, dental Bonding is known for its simple technique and short time completion time. This is because of the firm bonding made between the resins and the decayed tooth surface.

Procedure Of Dental Bonding:

The dental bonding process does not require any prior preparation, as is needed with a tooth extraction or root canal. As it is a completely painless treatment, no anesthesia is required to be applied on the gum or oral muscles. However, if it is for the repair of a highly decayed tooth anesthesia may be needed to make that tooth nerves numb because cleaning the decaying tooth is more likely to be painful.

The first step in tooth bonding is selecting the exact shade of the color of resin that will perfectly match the shade of natural teeth of the patient.
The concerned tooth surface is roughened to some extent by scraping so that the bonding material can adhere firmly to the tooth enamel.
A conditioning solution is then applied to the abraded tooth surface, which plays a vital role in fixing the resin used for bonding to the decayed or broken tooth.
The dentist then applies the soft and malleable paste of resin over the readied surface of the damaged tooth of his patient that is the same color as the tooth. This resin cover is then carefully molded over the tooth and properly smoothened to look just the same as the original tooth surface.

When the resin bonding looks exactly the same as the natural tooth, it is hardened with the application of ultraviolet rays to turn it into the same texture as the enamel of the tooth.
Finally, the dentist trims the excess resin and further polish it to blend it perfectly with the natural tooth surface so that it can be hardly detected.

This entire procedure of dental bonding is normally completed within 30 minutes or more, depending on the extent of damage on the affected teeth.

Dental bonding typically costs much lesser than the other forms of cosmetic dental treatment. However, the resin is actually a softer material and thus, it may be harmed due to the habit of biting of nails or on chewing very hard food items. Moreover, the resin is likely to be stained due to the intake of caffeine-rich drinks or smoking of nicotine products, which should be avoided at least for 2 days after undergoing this dental treatment. The dental bonding needs to be renewed after a few years when the resin is discolored and chipped after continuous use. To schedule your dental bonding appointment, contact Sunset Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in our Sunset Office or Miami Office today!

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  • Lilianet S. Avatar
    Lilianet S.

    My whole life I have been afraid of the dentist. When they told me o had to remove my wisdom tooth I was already looking for a place with general anesthesia because I was afraid of the process and didn’t wanted to be afraid. A friend of mine talked to me about Dr Ubieta. She promised I wouldn’t feel a thing.

    At the end of the procedure I almost cried. Dr Ubieta was so gentle and nice through the whole process that I felt super comfortable and to be honest I didn’t felt pain at all. Only from the injections with the anesthesia.

    Absolutely going back to get the rest of them out.

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    Casey A.

    The entire staff is very kind and professional. Everyone is amazing at what they do and they make the experience very pleasant. Dr. Ubieta is very good at what he does and will go above and beyond to make your experience the best one possible. I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and the entire staff did the most to make me comfortable and have a smooth procedure. By far the best staff and dental service I’ve ever come across! Highly recommend for any type of dental service!

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    Nikolas I.

    This was my first time attending and they treated me amazing. Everyone was kind and very helpful. They did a great job. Highly recommend!

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    Lianet S.

    My experience with Sunset Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has been nothing less than extraordinary! Dr. Ubieta is not a typical dentist, he is highly skilled and very passionate about his profession. He is also well-informed of the latest dental techniques and what treatment is best for me. His staff is one of a kind, they always provide an outstanding service making me feel very comfortable every time I visit the office. I highly recommend Dr. Ubieta and his practice!

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    felix &.

    Overall great experience with this practice, great costumer service from the moment I steped in the office they made me feel like family. Advance technology to get procedures done faster than other offices. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.


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